Community Patrols

"See Something Say Something"

Community Patrols are made up of ordinary people who want to give something back to their community. Working alongside New Zealand Police volunteers ensure Matua is a safer place to Live.

If you have information about suspicious activity phone 111 or go to and complete the form on line. For traffic infringements Phone *555 on your mobile.

Volunteers          We are keen to get 50, 60 (or more) residents to

  • Act as eyes and ears
  • Take notes and gather information
  • Patrol the streets of Matua
  • Report signs of suspicious activity.

For some people this may mean being on a roster for night patrols -“night owls” eg one or two nights every three months.

Others may observe activity as they take the dog for a walk or run and cycle around our suburb.-”Day Larks”

If you are interested contact:

  • Bob Harvey                     576 4051                                  
  • Rob Thomson                  5763960                                             

These have been operating for the past two years with teams of two out and about on Friday and Saturday nights. They have already advised police of activities in our suburb that may have warranted their attention.